Digital Transformation comes to Accounts Payable Processing

Processing invoices is time consuming, expensive, and error prone. Even worse, it just doesn’t scale. The faster you grow, the more you are held back by outdated systems and inefficient, costly, labor-intensive processes.

AP Express is a secure, cloud-based SaaS solution that dramatically reduces labor costs while improving accuracy and helping you manage cash more efficiently.  Embedded machine learning and rules-based algorithms speed processing and improve accuracy with every invoice, while built-in analytic dashboards track every step of the process and pinpoint opportunities for improvement.  Track AP approval times by month and precisely calibrate your staffing requirements for the busiest times of the year.  Evaluate user workloads and processing speed, and rebalance and retrain staff as required.  Identify suppliers with special payment terms and never miss a valuable early payment discount. Engage suppliers, streamline your processing and earn better payment terms with the optional Supplier Portal.

AP Express seamlessly integrates with your existing Oracle ERP system and runs as a secure, cloud service. Implementations typically take 30 business days or less. Nivo1 offers native integration with many of today’s leading ERP system, including:

Express implementation in your environment

Skip the long and expensive implementation project and specialized training that are standard with other solutions. Nivo1 can automate your accounts payable process with AP Express in 30 business days or less.* AP Express’s native integration mirrors your ERP environment, so end-user training is minimal.  

Quickly capture ROI on your AP Automation investment and initiative

Free up valuable time that can be redirected to accomplish other business goals

Take advantage of early-pay discounts, thus saving more money

*Barring any unforeseen circumstances and/or extensive customizations.

Low-cost installation in the Cloud

Nivo1 offers a Cloud-based installation of AP Express which makes it a cost-efficient solution to automation. AP Express in the cloud requires neither hardware or software purchases nor ongoing support costs.

No Hardware Purchases

No Software Purchases

No Upgrade Fees