The Fastest AP Automation Implementation

ERP’s get a bad rap, perhaps deservedly.  They are usually expensive to implement and operate.  They are fragile, temperamental, and are treated with kid gloves.  This makes sense to some extent.  After all, the ERP is at the core of every business.  One must respect them and treat them carefully for fear that the foundation of the business would just collapse.

I like to use metaphors in my blog posts.  If ERPs were an animal in the animal kingdom, they would be Panda Bears…just not that cute.

ERP Concerns

The unfortunate consequence is that applications that touch an ERP (like AP automation) are looked upon with trepidation.  Will it break the ERP?  Slow it down?  Is the implementation going to be long and expensive, like the implementation of the ERP?  Do I need to avoid implementations at the end of the fiscal year, or the end of a quarter, for fear of something breaking?  Do I need to delay an important initiative—one with a proven ROI and real cost savings—out of deference to the ERP?

A True Story

Fortunately, these concerns are unfounded if you select the right AP automation solution, and we at Nivo1 have the customers to prove it.  In our most recent implementation, the IT analyst assigned to the project had the software up and running and integrated with their ERP in 2.5 hours.  Not bad for a guy who had never done it before!  With his role in the project complete, we redirected our energies to working with end users:  establishing approval workflows, training invoices and conducting end user training.  In total, we expect the system will go live inside of 30 business days.  And of that, IT involvement will account for not much more than 5 hours.

What’s the Difference?

How is that possible? AP Express, Nivo1’s AP automation solution, is natively integrated with your ERP system. It communicates using dependable and lightweight web services.  It understands both the structure of your ERP system and the required data elements. Moreover, it is maintained by Nivo1, eliminating the need for ongoing support from IT.  There is absolutely no reason to delay the implementation of AP automation, and the business benefits that accrue out of concern for the ERP. That’s the real benefit of native integration.

If ERP’s are Panda Bears, AP Express is a Peregrine Falcon…agile, fast, lightweight, and smart.