AP Express and Your ERP


AP Express Enhances Your Existing ERP

AP Express  leverages your investment in an ERP system, delivering  critical functionality, visibility  and process improvements for the Accounts Payable department.

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Fast, Error-Free Entry

The quickest way to enter invoices with your ERP is usually manual entry. It’s time consuming and error-prone. AP Express eliminates manual entry. Instead, OCR (Optical Character Recognition) technology allows invoices to be uploaded, emailed, or scanned into our processing engine, saving time and eliminating data entry errors. Fast. Error-free.

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Upon upload, AP Express provides instant visibility into your invoice queue, allowing you to identify problematic and potentially fraudulent invoices, make payments faster, and capture more supplier discounts. Digitized invoice images are available for review within AP Express and your ERP system. No need to enlist staff to hunt down paper invoices stored in filing cabinets.

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Approval Workflow

AP Express’ built-in approval workflow keep your invoices from languishing and missing discounts. With features like automated approval, email notifications, and escalation procedures, invoices won’t get stuck in a pile of papers on someone’s desk, or held up while they’re on vacation. AP Express provides full visibility and status of an invoice, from the day it arrives to the day it is paid.

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Reporting and Analytics

Are you meeting your invoice processing SLAs and payment metrics? Are your financial statement accruals accurate? AP Express reporting and analytic dashboards provide instant visibility into payables status. Users can customize their dashboard to display the information they need to do their job, or export results for further analysis.