AP Express for PeopleSoft

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AP Express provides a native integration with PeopleSoft Financials. We’ve already done the hard work to establish and manage the exchange of data between systems. AP Express integrates directly to PeopleSoft’s Voucher Staging Table. All of the necessary data from PeopleSoft—supplier, set IDs, business units, chart fields, purchase orders, acknowledgments—are synchronized and available in AP Express. Once the voucher record is created in PeopleSoft, AP Express users are able to review, approve and pay.  Upon payment, AP Express automatically updates voucher status in PeopleSoft.

There is virtually no learning curve with AP Express. Users are trained and up and running in less than a day.  Your team will immediately recognize the fields in AP Express because they use those same fields in PeopleSoft Users will also appreciate the speed, visibility and error checking when compared to existing manual processes.

PeopleSoft integration

Our PeopleSoft Team

In addition to AP Express’s system-specific AP automation solution, Nivo1 built system-specific teams with product managers and product specialist who know PeopleSoft. Our team’s expertise includes an extensive background—over 20 years—across a variety of industries, including healthcare, retail, public sector, and financial services. Our team knows and speaks your ERP language.

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