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Frequently Asked Questions About AP Express

We want to learn more. What do we do?2018-08-06T08:16:06-04:00

Contact us today to schedule a call. We would love to tell you more about AP Express. We also want to understand your needs – learn more about your current process, identify where it breaks down, and pinpoint your specific requirements for accounts payable processing. Once we hear from you and understand your business processes, then we can show you how AP Express streamlines your processes and solves your problems.

We’re worried about costs…how much will we need to invest in AP Express?2018-09-07T15:38:05-04:00

With invoice-processing volume pricing, pricing is based on the number of invoices you process each month. Discounts apply to higher volumes of invoices

Bottom line…how much will we save by switching to an automated AP solution?2018-08-06T08:16:53-04:00

Frankly, a lot. As much as 75% of your current processing costs. Many organizations spend as much as $16 and 16 days to process a single invoice. Integrating and automating your accounts payable processes as part of a larger, networked strategy, can reduce the expense to less than $4 and just 4 days.

We process thousands of invoices a month, can AP Express handle it?2018-08-01T13:59:10-04:00

Of course! AP Express is flexible and scalable, which means there is neither a maximum nor a minimum processing requirement. AP Express can process exactly the number you have.

We have purchase order and non-purchase order invoices. Can AP Express handle both?2018-07-27T17:34:33-04:00

Yes, with or without a purchase order, our process is easy and saves you time.

Is AP Express multilingual? What languages does AP Express support?2018-07-27T17:35:09-04:00

Yes, AP Express provides a configurable, multilingual UI. You can configure the application, by user, so that fields and user entries display in Chinese, English, French, German, Hindi, Italian, Japanese, Latin American Spanish, Polish, or Spanish. Imported document images and PDFs remain in the language of origin.

How accurate is your OCR engine?2019-06-13T15:17:17-04:00

In a word, very. OCR performance is obviously a function of the quality of the invoice. But based on customer experience, our OCR engine is able to process 95% of all invoices with no intervention. The remaining 5% are handled by AP Express Training-as-a-Service. It’s included in your subscription.

Can our suppliers get access to AP Express?2019-06-13T15:25:02-04:00

Absolutely.  The typical AP team spends 35% of its time working with suppliers.  Put another way, each AP team member spends 7 days a month working with suppliers.  The Supplier Portal provides an interface for your suppliers to submit invoices and manage inquiries on their own. Suppliers can view the status of invoices in real time, and learn whether the invoice is in-process, paid, rejected or awaiting approval. They can upload, create and submit new invoices. Suppliers can also flip PO’s into invoices and streamline the approval process

Which mobile devices are compatible with the AP Express mobile app?2018-07-27T17:35:53-04:00

We recommend that you use the latest version of your favorite iOS or Android mobile device. For the best compatibility with the mobile app we suggest iOS 7 and above; Android 4.1 and above.

What features can I use on the mobile app?2018-09-07T15:38:45-04:00

The AP Express mobile app supports AP Express workflow features. Use your mobile device to manage your payables workflow, taking care of tasks like approving invoices in your queue and responding to workflow alerts.

The mobile app sounds great, but how secure is my data?2018-08-02T08:07:48-04:00

Data that is received through the AP Express Mobile App will be encrypted using AES encryption methods. AES has been adopted by the US Government and is used worldwide for secure, data encryption.

We’re worried about implementation time…how long will it take to have my organization up and running?2019-06-10T15:13:39-04:00

We can have your company up and running with AP Express in 30 business days or less, with fewer than 5 hours of IT support.

How can I access AP Express?2018-07-27T17:38:43-04:00

You can access AP Express from any device that has a supported browser and access to the internet.

Which Internet browsers are compatible with AP Express?2018-08-02T08:10:06-04:00

We recommend that you use the latest version of your favorite browser. For the best compatibility with AP Express we suggest Microsoft Internet Explorer 9 or later, Google Chrome 9 or later, Mozilla Firefox 10 or later, and Safari 9.0.2 or later.

How do you perform software upgrades and system updates?2018-09-07T15:36:11-04:00

We schedule and run system and software upgrades quarterly. We will notify you in advance of these scheduled updates and we always run them at off-peak hours, never during your core business hours.

My company has existing security policies and procedures for its IT infrastructures. Can you integrate with them?2018-07-27T17:40:37-04:00

We are compliant with most IT infrastructures. We can discuss your security policies, procedures, and concerns when you schedule a call with us and explore with you how AP Express can be integrated.

Are there any issues with firewalls?2018-07-27T17:41:05-04:00

AP Express communicates with your enterprise database using secure, encrypted web services. This requires access to the standard outbound secure port 443. Chances are this port is already available, so there’s no change to your firewall.

What if I need technical support work?2018-09-07T15:40:22-04:00

We’re able to help you when you need support with AP Express. Designated users will be given access to our Customer Support Portal at the time AP Express is in production.

Does AP Express require changes to the configuration of my ERP system?2018-07-27T17:46:26-04:00

No. We install a very simple agent that reads data that AP Express needs from your ERP system (such as suppliers, purchase orders, etc.) and also facilitates loading invoice information after AP Express has processed it.

Do I have to access AP Express from a workstation?2018-08-02T08:39:16-04:00

No, you can access AP Express from any computer, anywhere you are. Because AP Express provides a browser-based user interface (UI) and stores data in the Cloud, your invoices and the dashboard features of AP Express are securely accessible everywhere. If you need even greater mobility, AP Express offers a mobile app for managing workflow from your favorite mobile device.