AP Automation is Now An Imperative

There is plenty of data out there to support automating the accounts payable business process. AP automation can help companies save time, take advantage of early pay discounts, reduce paper, improve morale of your AP team and improve supplier relationships. The problem in the past and even today is that AP automation solutions are expensive and the ROI is sometimes difficult to achieve in a reasonable timeframe.

With AP Express, we’ve developed a solution that removes many of the obstacles and costs of an AP automation project. AP Express is a low-cost, subscription-based cloud solution that can be setup in 30 business days or less. There is no hardware to purchase, no lengthy implementation, and no staff required to support the system once it’s in production. This enables our customers to realize a ROI on AP automation much faster than with other solutions.

Also, we understand that there is no one way to process invoices, so we provide our customers with an option to customize AP Express to meet their unique AP business processes.

We are committed to being customer-focused and aim to be a true partner for our customers, so finding the right solution is just as important to us as it is to you. We are driven by innovation and strive for continuous improvement. That said, I am excited about this journey we’re on and look forward to all the good things to come!