Change is constant

About 2000 years ago, the Greek philosopher Heraclitus said, “The only thing that is constant is change.”  That certainly rings true today, especially when it comes to IT initiatives.  Companies are continually implementing, upgrading, and tuning their ERP systems.  As a result, we frequently get push back when it comes to AP automation.  “We really want to automate accounts payable, but not until we migrate to the new version of fill-in-the-blank ERP.”  This may be a sound strategy when it comes to some systems…but not when it comes to AP automation and especially AP Express.

Upgrades and platform changes are no excuse

Most AP automation implementations are based on fragile, file-based integrations.  AP Express, however, is natively integrated with your ERP system.  It communicates using web services and understands both the structure of your ERP system and the required data elements. Implementations (including testing and training) usually take fewer than 30 business days.  Moreover, it is maintained by us, eliminating the need for ongoing support from IT.  Running on-premise and moving to the cloud?  No problem.  Native integration insulates you from platform changes.  We’ve done the work to ensure that your AP automation solution runs across all platforms.  Migrating from an on-premise ERP to the cloud takes no more than a few days.

More importantly, the business reasons are compelling

There are plenty of sound business reasons not to wait as well.

  • Manual processing of invoices takes on average 14.2 days. AP automation can cut processing time by more than half, all the while reducing errors.  Why delay the benefits that accrue from automation?
  • Only 28% of respondents to a recent survey said they trust the numbers reported in the month-end close, while 90% said they are under pressure to close faster. Our customers can query and select invoices, create a journal entry at a detail or summary level, and post it to the ERP system directly from AP Express. That’s a real time-saver and confidence builder during the end-of-month crunch.
  • Prompt payment discounts have never been more attractive. 2% / 10 translates into a 37% annual return.  Where else can you get a guaranteed return like that?
  • Invoice fraud hits companies of all shape and sizes…even tech powerhouses. Google and Facebook paid over $100 MM in fraudulent invoices to a man “hiding behind a computer screen halfway across the world.”  If you think you’re immune, think again.
  • Your AP team spends 35% of its time dealing with suppliers.  Put another way, each member of your AP team spends 7 days a month working for your suppliers.  The AP Express Supplier Portal enables suppliers to submit invoices and manage inquiries on their own.  Suppliers gain transparency and predictability of their cash flow.  You get your AP team back plus the ability to offset the cost of your AP Express automation solution through our supplier rebate program.

Your AP team deserves better

Outside of work, your employees are exposed to digital transformation initiatives every day. They know what is possible…and they expect their company to embrace solutions that will make their jobs more rewarding.  Jobs with a high number of repetitive tasks give rise to boredom, poor on-the-job performance, and eventually turnover.  AP Express allows employees to focus their efforts on problem solving and more challenging assignments, not rote data entry. Why make your AP suffer another 12 to 24 months while you upgrade your ERP system?

Don’t take our word for it

We conducted outreach calls to our customers over the past two weeks, just to check in with them to see how they were doing, and whether AP Express had fulfilled their expectations.  Without exception, customers enthusiastically said it had.  “It’s so much better now.”  “We just love the system.”  “We could never go back.”  Those are just a few of the quotes we received.

Our promise to you

Change is constant, and your business should not have to wait.  Still a bit squeamish?  Here’s our promise.  Should you decide to change or upgrade your ERP system during the first twelve months, we will re-implement AP Express on the new version of your ERP system at no charge.




Not an April Fool’s joke.