Meet Michele Banks, AP Express Application Specialist

Michele Banks recently joined Nivo1 as an Applications Specialist for AP Express.  A native of Jacksonville FL, Michele attended LSU’s School of Business.  Michele started her career as an IT consultant and worked on a wide variety of supply chain and procurement projects.  Michele’s career took a decidedly AP-focus 5 years ago when she re-engineered and streamlined the AP process for a multinational staffing agency.  As an Applications Specialist, Michele is responsible for working with clients to implement AP Express and help them achieve the full benefits of AP automation.

What attracted you to AP and why do you enjoy it so much?

My area of expertise actually started in Purchasing as an Analyst.  I was handpicked for an Oracle project early in my career.  During that project we had Oracle consultants on site and I decided that was something I wanted to do. I put my resume in with Oracle Corporation, landed an interview and became a consultant working on P2P projects.  My exposure to the payables piece of the workstream eventually landed me in a management position in 2013.

How has accounts payable changed during your career?

During my career in Accounts Payable I have seen ‘the good, the bad and the ugly’.  I have felt the pain points of completely manual, paper environments with weak processes and systems; and also reaped the rewards and benefits of streamlined, automated, paper free environments with well-defined processes and systems.

AP automation is a hot topic.  What are the keys to making the transition from a manual process smooth for a business?

For any AP Department to have a successful AP Automation implementation, it boils down to having a good partner…a partner who understands the pain points AP deals with on a day-in and day-out basis and knows how to get them from their current state to that ideal state.

What can customers expect when working with you on an implementation?

I joined Nivo1 because I am passionate about helping companies improve their AP processes.  AP Express by Nivo1 provides the AP Automation that accomplishes this goal.  Customers that I work with can expect hard work, dedication and loyalty.  Seeing and hearing about the customer’s success equates to a rewarding job, in my opinion.

When you are not automating accounts payable, what are you doing for fun?

When I am not automating Accounts Payable, I enjoy spending quality time with my family, scuba-diving, listening to music, singing, dancing, reading a good suspense-thriller novel, cruising and camping (or “glamping” as my husband likes to say).