Why the Cloud?

There are many benefits to running an AP Automation solution, like AP Express, in the cloud. AP automation tends to be distributed, especially in larger and more complex organizations. A distributed, accessible and reliably connected infrastructure is the best option.  The cloud ecosystem also enables companies to precisely tailor their hosting environment to their unique requirements and take advantage of rapid advances in technology. Finally, the best cloud service providers provide far better scalability and security at a fraction of the cost of running the system on premise. Check out the comparison chart below and learn why cloud is the preferred platform for AP Automation.

Cloud vs. On Premise

Cloud-Based AP Automation On Premise AP Automation
Monthly Subscription Fees $
Implementation Fees Included $$$
Customization / Report Creation Fees Included $$
Production Server Included $$
Test / QA Server Included $$
SAN Included $$
Switch Included $
Hardware Maintenance Agreements Included $
D/R Costs Included $$$
Labor Costs
Ongoing Update & Configuration Costs Included $
Operations Staff – DBA, O/S, Operations Included $$$
Ap Automation Software Licensing and Maintenance Costs
 License Fees Included $$$
 Maintenance & Support Fees Included $
Database & Application Server Software License Fees Included $$
Database & Application Server Software Maintenance & Support Fees Included $$
Operating System, DR Solution Included $$

Access AP Express anywhere through a secure, browser-based UI on your desktop, laptop or mobile device. The Azure cloud allows AP Express to scale dynamically, with 99.95% guaranteed availability.


Have a question?   Check out our FAQ’s for insight into commonly asked questions, including product features, best practices, and technical requirements for implementing AP Express.