For IT Managers


Keep to Schedule

You might be concerned when you hear rumblings that a new software implementation is being considered to automate accounts payable in your organization. When you have a packed IT schedule, new software integrations can be unwelcome at best and intimidating at worst, especially when it concerns your organization’s ERP environment.

AP automation with AP Express, however, provides a native integration with your ERP solution, eliminating the kind of long-running and costly implementations that require customization and data mapping. As a result, Nivo1 can automate your accounts payable process with AP Express in 30 business days or less. Because AP Express provides a native integration with your ERP—and we know your ERP system so well—our product solution mirrors a system your staff already knows well. As a result, AP Express requires minimal end-user training, so there’s a minimal impact to your schedule for training and roll-out.

Nivo1 will get your AP team up and running quickly, with minimal involvement from your IT department.  Implementations typically require less than 5 hours of IT support. We can work with you or handle the implementation independently, based on the needs of your organization and the parameters of your schedule and resources.

Keep to Budget

Often a new implementation signals a significant cost to an IT budget, especially when it involves a third-party software integration with your ERP system. You might expect costs for integration to include customization and data mapping fees. You might anticipate new hardware and software requirements that require purchase and configuration.

With Cloud-based AP Express, your budget stays on track because implementing AP Express in the Cloud means:

No Hardware Purchases
No Software Purchases
No Expensive Implementations

Keep It Secure

Your data is your business. It is a crucial part of your reputation and your relationships with customers and suppliers. So, understandably, you worry about data security when you consider a third-party solution integration with your ERP environment.

Nivo1 understands and shares those concerns. We demonstrate our commitment to your data security in all phases of the development, testing, and implementation of the AP Express solution. As a solution, the AP Express platform is designed to be secure from end-to-end. Our Cloud hosting environments, our software design and development processes, and our operations, monitoring, change management, and audit processes, work together to provide multiple layers of security to your data.

In addition to secure design and implementation, we actively test for vulnerabilities. We verify our controls through external audits. We conduct security scans and vulnerability assessments of our code on a regular basis throughout the software development cycle. We perform penetration testing of our production environments twice a year to make sure that your data is secure. Our processes are audited to SSAE-18 and ISO-27001 standards for security and information management “best practice.” If you need them, we can provide supporting audit results.

Keep It Scalable

With some products, scalability can mean additional time and capital investments. Scalability is part of the design of AP Express from the beginning so that AP Express can process the number of invoices you need it to when you need it. Whatever your volume when you implement AP Express, you can be confident that you can increase it as your organization needs it. We have customers processing several hundred invoices per month; others customers are processing tens of thousands. Wherever you start and whatever you grow to need, AP Express will meet your need. We’ve designed AP Express to handle whatever comes its way.