Supplier Portal


The Nivo1 Supplier Portal

The AP Express Supplier Portal is a win-win solution for you and your suppliers. Fully integrated with our cloud-based AP automation solution, the Supplier Portal provides an interface for your suppliers to submit invoices and manage inquiries on their own. Suppliers gain transparency and predictability of their cash flow.  Suppliers are able to view the status of  invoices in real time, and learn whether the invoice is in-process, paid, rejected or awaiting approval. They can upload, create and submit new invoices. Suppliers can also turn existing PO’s into invoices and streamline the approval process, selecting lines from existing PO’s and creating a new invoice along with all of the supporting detail.

Give your suppliers control over their part of the process

The Supplier Portal offers suppliers greater control in the payable cycle. Through the Supplier Portal, suppliers can:

  • maximize their cash flow by offering early payment discounts to you
  • create invoices through purchase order/receipt matching
  • upload invoices directly to AP Express via the Supplier Portal
  • check their invoice status anytime, anywhere

Create an online payables relationship with your suppliers

The Supplier Portal works for your current AP Express suppliers and helps you create new supplier relationships. The Supplier Portal provides:

  • a way to collect supplier enrollment data and documents directly to AP Express
  • a unique Candidate Invitation feature to customize invitation emails for different kinds of suppliers and attach appropriate documents and forms
  • a secure and robust communication center for requests, submissions, and inquiries between your AP Express environment and your supplier
  • 24×7 access to suppliers

Reduce your hands-on time in AP Express while maintaining strong supplier relationships

The Supplier Portal is not just a win for your suppliers. It’s also a win for you, freeing time and facilitating communication. With the Supplier Portal, you gain:

  • a secure portal to easily register suppliers
  • an additional, direct invoice submission method
  • a reduction in invoice inquiries
  • more potential early payment discounts